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Your time in the sun. Don’t cut it short.

Soap Creative

Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world, and it’s the most common cancer affecting young Australians. 

‘Your time in the sun’ is a new skin cancer campaign developed by Cancer Institute NSW and Soap Creative, in collaboration with UM and Magnum & Co., to change young people’s behaviour in the sun.

'Your time in the sun’ refers to the idyllic time when you’re young, ambitious, and enjoying life to the full. It’s also a time when you’re at high risk of UVR overexposure, as you’re frequently outdoors.

Targeting young people, Soap developed an integrated campaign including a sixty-second film, a website (, dynamic banners and digital outdoor advertisements to display the current UVR index; plus short video testimonials in which young people affected by melanoma tell their stories.

‘Your time in the sun’ is the latest execution in an ongoing, multi-year strategy for Cancer Institute NSW to change young people’s behaviour in the sun. 

Key results for the campaign to date:

1) Viral reach through social media, reaching 8 million Australians (33% of the population). 

2) Among those who experienced the campaign, 47% said they would increase their level of sun protection.

3) Was successful in changing the behaviour of those with pro-tanning attitudes: among those who experienced our campaign and who thought tans were fashionable, 80% said they would use sun protection.