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Helping Babies Breathe

Helping Babies Breathe

Helping Babies Breathe

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The Federal Government Department of Health needed to find a smarter way to communicate with pregnant smokers in order to foster behavioural change.

Research uncovered by dentsu X identified that there are limited opportunities to challenge (and break) a smoking habit among pregnant women.

Helping Babies Breathe was designed to contribute to future generations living longer, healthier lives by changing the toxic nature of tobacco smoking during pregnancy.

Capitalising on a time of ‘high emotion’, dentsu X’s approach used pregnancy tests as the main media, applying stickers to packs ensuring the message could not be missed.

Understanding the opportune moment when a habit may be broken lead to this first-to-market experimental campaign, placing stickers on pregnancy tests encouraging women to download the app, “Quit for you, Quit for two”. 100,000 stickered pregnancy tests were distributed across 5,300 pharmacies nationally. Additional media supported the campaign whilst the pregnancy stickers provided four months of exposure.

Close to 8,000 people used the “Quit for You, Quit for Two” app, amounting to 103.45% of, or 3,957, active users. Positive reactions across the pharmacies demonstrated community engagement and support received for the campaign.

 Participating pharmacists asked for more stickered stock and an extension to the campaign,  creating the potential for an additional 8,000 babies to live healthier and happier lives.