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Columbus Fire Ready

Columbus Fire Ready

Columbus foster a safer summer with global first

Columbus, dentsu X, Amnet

Regional Victoria, Australia, is among the world’s the most fire-prone regions.

In 2015, the Country Fire Authority (CFA) of Australia tasked dentsu X and Columbus with the challenge of ensuring Victorians and travellers were fully prepared for the risks associated with bushfires and grassfires.

Research by Columbus determined that complacency with the ‘Fire Danger’ message was reducing the perceived level of threat.

To avoid ad fatigue, the team needed to reduce generic fire safety messaging and deliver hyper-local and targeted creative to the right user at the right time.

Partnering with sister-agency Amnet, the Columbus-dentsu X team’s strategy was to develop a dynamic content solution which integrated the Fire Danger Ratings data into programmatic display, paid search, and Facebook creatives.

Location-based targeting overlayed with age and gender data was used to serve each district with specific messaging tailored to its particular Fire Danger Rating.

Now in its second year running, this global-first campaign in search marketing has been crucial in alerting and educating Victorians about fire and fire risk.

Results showed it has successfully delivered over 65,000 clicks and generated over 400,000 impressions on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), exceeding all expectations and turning search into an effective awareness channel.

Columbus’ proven results in Search also allowed the team to replicate the success of its dynamic content solution across Social and Display:

- Reaching over 1.7 million and generating over 4 million actions across Facebook
- Exceeding 300,000 views of video content on YouTube and Twitter combined, with an average view-through rate of over 17%
- Serving over 30 million impressions using programmatic display activity, generating close to 3 million unique impressions, and close to 4000 clicks

To learn more, visit the Columbus website