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At OddfellowsDentsu, we are an agency that’s built differently. Working with our foundation client of 25 years, Toyota Motor Corporation Australia, we’ve evolved a uniquely efficient agency model that occupies that provides an alternative to the two standard agency offerings;  Where traditional ‘retail’ agencies fall down on smart brand thinking, we deliver.  Where traditional ‘brand’ agencies fall down on fast-paced retail production, we deliver.  End-to-end expertise that we call ‘Smart Retail’We house creative and production services under one roof to deliver planning, creative and production working in intelligent Collaboration.  Our aim is to deliver inspiring work, that Works.

Introducing Zoe- A face, and a heart, for Toyota Retail

Introducing Zoe- A face, and a heart, for Toyota Retail

When it came to quality, reliability and safety Toyota was seen as the leader right across the market. But in the retail space, people saw all of the brands as the same -- self interested, untrustworthy and hard to deal with. So we created, Zoe, a sales personality and cross-media character asset, that brought to life the promise of a different kind of retail experience. Warm, approachable and disarmingly honest, Zoe turned the stereotype of the dodgy car dealer on its head. In the year she’s been in market, she’s shattered benchmarks in cut through, likeability and believability and left competitive retail campaigns struggling for air. Most importantly, in a cut throat retail category, Toyota has hit target for focus vehicles in every campaign that Zoe’s starred in and continues to hold its number 1 spot in private, fleet and total sales.

Toyota Certified Used Vehicles – Digitally Driving Sales

Toyota Certified Used Vehicles – Digitally Driving Sales

Between 2005 and 2013, private sales of used cars more than doubled and had become the main way that Australians bought used. This was a business problem for Toyota’s dealers and a big risk for buyers who had no guarantee that they weren’t getting stuck with someone else’s dud car. As a result, Toyota introduced Toyota Certified Used Vehicles -- second hand cars with a full Service history and dealer service check and certification. But the marketing budget for TCUV was limited. So we had to be smart. Using targeted YouTube content to satirise the whole world of dodgy backyard dealers we brought home the risks of private buying and hero-ed the peace of mind of TCUV. In this way, we hijacked buyers in the digital environment where they were looking for private deals. Our ambush has led to a staggering 500% sales increase over the life of the campaign so far and half a million views on YouTube.





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